Blacc Hertz we'er in it, told y'all all of this from the beginning.

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I am a hundred percent in the business to create something that’s never been done before.
— Easy.

"New Beginnings" by Easy.el

3 days in the basement…

1. Reflectection; the past has prepared us for the future.

2. Forward progress; movement in the right direction.

3. Wisdom; power gained through experices and those experices have created knowlege.

- Easy.el - 

Now begins a new chapter.....


Take it Easy.

The FIRST album by Easy., now available iTunes, Spotify and all other streaming sites, is a collection of tracks from two separate works; 3 Days in the Basement and Relatable, the EP. This Birmingham native will take you on a southern experience through true-life tails and poetic lyricism.